CLASSIC Range - Reconstituted stones -

The stones produced by CGM Manufatti from the “Classic range” collection come from natural raw materials specially selected to obtain excellent aesthetic results.

Our reconstituted stones from the Classic range with their warm shades add a touch of elegance and comfort to a room, providing a unique atmosphere to your indoor and outdoor living spaces. The combination of high-quality and natural raw materials enables us to create reconstituted stone products using concrete which is thin, lightweight, breathable, environmentally-friendly, and ideal for covering both internal and external walls.

They can be applied on any type of surface such as brick, plaster, drywall, wood, iron, exterior insulation, etc. These products offer consumers the unique beauty of natural stones, offering both quality and elegance. We pay every care and attention to the production of reconstituted stones in order to provide a wide range of different shades and colours which are typical of natural stones.