suggestions and directions
for a correct application of our products


During the laying we suggest you to draw from more boxes at the same time for having the best result.

Verify that the support is solid and intact, which has not friable sections and slicks, moulds, paints flaking or something could compromise the bond.
In the case of application on tuff masonry or clay bricks, we recommend you to adopt an ANTI-SALT treatment around 48/72 hours before the application.
Strictly follow the instructions for laying in this card (see pdf).
download pdf
Use ready-mixed adhesives of quality.
Apply the adhesive on a limited surface with a notched trowel.
Apply an abundant adhesive layer back of every brick.
Stick each brick pressing and moving from left to right and from top to bottom at the same time, until the adhesive drips on each side.
Remove possible fettlings with a filling knife.
We suggest you to use a bio grout for joints.
Smooth the surface of the grout when the mixture will be hardened but still wet with the handle of brush or another suitable tool after around 30 minutes or an hour (depending on temperatures).
Smooth and clean the involved surface with a dry brush.
WARNING: Do not use wet sponges for the cleaning of joints. Do not use scratch brushes.
We recommend you to treat all the surface with a transparent and invisible siloxane water repellent for protecting surfaces from dust and grime.
All claddings made by CGM factory can be painted with applications of whatever typology of lacquers for painting internal and external walls depending on the needful (siloxane water paint, acrylic, washable quartz and polyurethane paints, etc).